Songwriter, Beck, Sells His Home In Record Time for $2.9 Million

The world renowned songwriter/musician, Beck, reportedly sold his home in Santa Monica for well over the asking price, only days after putting his house on sale. Although Beck had only lived in the house for less than 6 months they must have decided that a quick home sale was his only option and  that making a few hundred thousand dollars off of the Hot Santa Monica real estate market was the wisest thing to do; Not that they needed the money. Beck reportedly has a net worth of over $25 million dollars. He’s accumulated most of his wealth singing, writing, and most importantly, selling smash hits worldwide.


So where did Beck decide to purchase, once he closed on the sale of his home in California?  Best guess is that he’s going to upgrade.  That’s the trend these days in real estate, always be upgrading.  Money flows like water in the entertainment industry, and what a better way to satisfy the need to spend the money that’s “burning a hole” in their pockets than to purchased the highest priced home within or out side of their budget.  We do hope the best for Beck and his family, and hope they find a home that suites their needs.

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