A shortlist of a few of David Dondero’s Songs



David Dondero has written many songs; and to put it lightly, he has been labeled a very gifted songwriter of his time, but many people don’t know who he is, so we decided to create a short post about Mr. Dondero, to make the general public aware of a few of his well-known songs that he wrote:

  1. South of the South
  2. The Stars Are My Chandelier
  3. If You Break My Heart
  4. When the Heart Breaks Deep
  5. Less Than the Air
  6. I’ve Seen the Love

Here are a few more songs that we found that, when listened to carefully, will give proof as to by he is an NPR acclaimed song writer:

  1. Going Back to Wilmington
  2. Simple Love
  3. Brownsville Revival
  4. Jackson Crosses
  5. Rubber Tree Cane
  6. Train Hop Flop
  7. The Waiter
  8. The Lonesomeness That Kills
  9. One Legged Man and the Three Legged Dog
  10. Analysis of a 1970′s Divorce
  11. Let Go the Past
  12. Pity Party

Stay tuned for more updates and musings on David Dondero and his music.

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